Saturday, 10 August 2013

A lifetime of learning.....

Crikey riley, if you'd told me that at sixteen I'd have thought "yeah right..." or something similar. I was so glad to leave secondary school and make proper choices about the courses I wanted to study. then after that I did feel a little bit like I was on a massive wheel where it was easier to carry on than 'jump off' and get a real job.

But eventually 'the ride' comes to an end and there is someone there telling you that you now have to contribute to society and become one of the employed. For a while I'd had enough learning, which is ironic since I am a teacher. I tried to go on as many courses as I could but not to really advance my knowledge and understanding but to get a day out of the classroom and enjoy a nice lunch. OK, judge me, I'm an evil person, aren't I?

I've been studying quite a bit over the past few years. This has been to gain a deeper understanding of a number of developmental disorders for personal and professional reasons. It was blinking hard work too. There were many times when I wanted to boot the computer on many a late night when I couldn't find the necessary files for my e-learning. E-learning. The very word makes me bilious. My learning style is not best when:
a) it's past 9pm
b) everybody in the street is probably asleep
c) I have no one to talk to
d) YouTube beckons me like a Dickensian orphan in the snow on Christmas Eve.

Thankfully I have now got a little space to do a bit of learning for my 'creative soul'. In the past these have taken the form of screen printing at Factory 4 (now Inc.. Workshop) and with the lovely Karen at Blueberry Park who passed on her wisdom at screen printing onto fabric. I have also learnt how to make lampshades, gadget cases, snap frame purses and am lining up a more advanced screen printing course as well as a self-chosen birthday present making croissants, pain au chocolat and pastries in Slaithwaite.

Here's the link if you fancy it.
Looks good, doesn't it?

Someone was asking a question the other day along the lines of, 'if you could do a craft workshop anywhere, where would it be?' It was something like that or they may have phrased it more succinctly. I'd love to visit Lotta Jansdotter in New York as I could combine it with a nice little shopping trip, maybe catch a show and have some nice food. What's not to like?
Here are the details...looks ace n'est pas?

I'm going to do it one day. I love Lotta's designs. They are simple, fresh and unique. I have several of her books. I am also a great fan of Skinny LaMinx in South Africa. Oh, why can't they live on the 64 bus route? Heather's designs are again deceptively simple and full of colour. She has even opened a bricks and mortar shop. How I'd love to go.

And just one more per favor? I'd love to go and have a look at the HQ of Spoonflower who manufacture fabric, wallpaper and decals from the designs that anyone can upload. No one needs to be there. I can go on my own in the middle of the night, turn on the machinery and have a play. No harm done....

But they're in America too, so I may be gone some time. Infact if I'm found in there in the middle of the night, I may be gone longer than I had anticipated.....

Here's the wondrous links for some of the workshops I've attended:

Karen at

Abi at

I'm off on my holidays!!! Hurrah, 10 days in a motorhome travelling around Paris and France; wish me luck!!!!

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  1. if you need a companion to go to Lotta's just give me a shout! would love to visit the queen of print herself!