Tuesday, 23 July 2013

This is my first entry on my blog which will be the musings of a crafty teacher living in Yorkshire trying to earn a crust teaching students with dyslexia as well as finding the times to make my little heart flutter creating things. I am passionate about design and love to create anything from a tray bake, large family cake to textile products and screen printed posters and cards. I have also dabbled in making roman blinds and love knitting although I question the accuracy of my knitted products!! I also love shrink plastic and cooking a good old curry with proper spices (sorry Lloyd Grosman, you're not fooling anyone).
The picture above shows one of my handmade phone sleeves which I have just started making. I love fabrics and can spend many a long hour perusing the online shops. The sleeve above is made from Amy Butler fabric with the interior from Karen Lewis from Blueberry Park. My creations are on sale at my online shop which is found at: www.delicious.folksy.com Go and have a look and send me a message to say hello if you've got the time.


  1. Hi there Lizzie,

    I love your phone cover and stuff in your shop - stylishly simple. I will be a regular visitor!

    Andrea, Leeds

  2. Hi there at Lizzie at Delicious :)
    I love that you have started a blog - I have your prints in many rooms and the purse you made me is admired by everyone who sees it ... am not sure I fancy doing a maths degree tbh but wish we lived closer so that I come and share your crafty world with you .... keep up the great work xxx

  3. If only you lived closer...the crafty fun we'd have!!!
    Lizzie x